The creation of an inviting common space in the newly established arts district known as SOWA. The use of elaborate paving patterns and massing of plant material has made the space truly unique to the area.

Visit these locations around Greater Boston and see for yourself the expert design and craftsmanship that has been the the hallmark of Bill Knight Inc. for over 15 years. 

Special Projects

The Park School

This new playground was created to replace an outdated one at a private school in Brookline. New equipment and play surfaces were also designed to accommodate the students with special needs. 

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Baker School

This commemorative garden was donated by the family of a teacher aid after a long battle with cancer. Located at the Baker School in Brookline, this space was created as and outdoor class room and focal point for the learning center.

 Dora Efthim Healing Garden 

The Dora Efthim Healing Garden was created as a place to remember all those we have lost. Located at a hospice center in Wayland, the garden was constructed around a large stone water feature based on the concept of a Native American medicine wheel.

New England Historical Genealogical Society–

NEHS is the country’s leading resource on family history. The goal of this project was to make all entrances handicapped accessible, snow and ice proof using an elaborate heat melt system and more inviting by adding public seating on new granite benches. The mayoral grand opening of the new entrance took place in 2011 many distinguished guests attended.